Our mission is to maintain a dedicated, caring and knowledgeable team committed to providing exceptional client services and Chiropractic Care. 

We value our patients' experience at Valencia Chiropractic. If you are currently a chiropractic patient, please feel free to complete the following Client Experience Questionnaire. The Questionnaire is in Adobe Acrobat format, and requires the free Acrobat Reader to view.

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Dr. Michael Verant
Your Tucson Chiropractor

I went to Dr. Verant for Migraines. His is a very good Chiropractor, he actually take his time to do an exam, makes sure you understand how he can help you. When he adjust you he take his time he is not in a hurry, he talks to you regarding your condition I appreciate that. I have gone to another Chiropractor where he only spend 3 to 5 minutes per adjustments and he expected for me to get better. With Dr. Verant i have seen improvement, i don't have Migraines anymore now they are mild headaches, he also uses other therapies so you I can heal faster. I was very impressed by his professionalism. I'm recommending him to my friends

by S. P. 

Did this provider leave you unattended for an extended period of time?

Not at all! They were always present and attentive

How would you compare this provider to others in his/her field that you have visited?

Among the best I have seen

Did this chiropractor use current and safe equipment?

Yes; the equipment is very advanced!

Did you feel safe in this provider's care?

Absolutely! I knew I was being cared for by an expert!

Did this provider prominently display their diplomas or business license?



Knowledge and understanding comes to mind when asked what do I like about Dr Verant. He explains things and justifies the need before adjusting. I am very comfortable today after my first appt yesterday. Thank you Dr Verant!

by Jennifer Henry Jones

Your Telephone Experience:

My call was answered promptly, it was easy to make an appointment

Your Impression of our Receptionist:

Friendly and attentive, courteous, informative, stood and greeted me, seemed hospitable, answered all my questions

Your impression of our Reception Area:

Comfortable, neat & clean, child-friendly

Your impression of our Doctor:

Listened to what I said, Gave clear advice, Answered all my questions, and made me feel valued.

Everyone has been fantastic! Everyone knows their "stuff."

by Evette C. 

Highly recommended. Michael Verant is a top notch chiropractor who knows what he is doing. I am amazed at how much his business has grown since he opened up several years ago. He is always happy to see you and does an exceptional job with the task at hand. On a number of occasions, he came to my rescue and fixed my back for me. He is a life saver. I highly recommend chiropractic work if you suffer from back pain or any ailment. Dr. Verant can and will help you feel a lot better. Why live in pain when you don't have too. Dr. Verant is highly skilled and loves to meet new patients all the time.

by Jessica C.

Dr. Verant is one of the Best Chiropractors I have ever been to. He is very Knowledgeable & thorough. I have traveled all of these United States looking for a great Chiropractor, good ones are very hard to come by! I was living in Tucson for a while and a friend of mine recommended that I try out Dr. Verant. I then discovered that he is very knowledgeable and uses multiple techniques. Dr. verant finds out about you and decides then what he thinks the best technique for your specific needs are and is 99% if the time right on!! He has a very friendly and outgoing staff and willing to work on your schedule, not to mention he is fluent in Spanish which is another very hard thing to find! I had such a wonderful experience I had to find a way to share it with others that may be in a similar situation! Try him out it was the best chance I ever took!!

by Anonymous